Theatre vs Cinema

I often think how I will manage theatre and films together when I become a successful actor (one who has assignments that pay him well!)…

Theatre is so exciting…and marvellous..and spectacular…and…and…so much FUN!!! It’s like oxygen for a lot of actors. On the other hand, there is something (some very obvious things!) about cinema that attract you more as an actor. I don’t know what they are….MONEY…GLAMOUR…JUST THE EXCITEMENT OF SEEING YOURSELF ON THE BIG SCREEN DOING THINGS THAT YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE DREAMT OF…I don’t know! It’s such a huge, wide medium!!

To be honest, as much as I love doing plays and all the little theatre things that I keep doing, I have always wanted to be a film actor! I guess that’s how it is for most aspiring actors. This may be sad…but true!! And I don’t see anything wrong with this. A film career has better prospects and leads to a better life.

I am aware of all the discussion about how theatre actors are true actors and how their way is the right way…blah blah blah…well, how does it matter?!? It’s an art form! Any kind of acting – film, television, or stage – requires a lot of hard work and sincerity. It is wrong to classify one as genuine and correct and another as crap. Take television for example. People say how television is easy money and how TV actors don’t know how to act. I disagree! These actors work very very hard to make the money that they do. They are talented and it is difficult to do what they are doing!

So, Goodluck to all my fellow starry-eyed strugglers (I hate using that word!!). Hang in there…we are the next batch of stars!!! As you can see, the Khans are slowly expiring…and the ones on stand-by don’t seem to be too good 😀



Siddhivinayak saves Mumbai…

A new play I am working on!! It’s about how Lord Ganapati saves the city from a terrorist attack!!

This one is going to be huge!! Here is the link to the website:

Do participate in the contest…it’s fun!!

The other plays I am working on as of today are:

Once upon a … tiger

Evam Indrajit


Shit happens.. (tentative name..will change soon)

Ae Bhai Zara dekhke chalo (still being written)

Sound good, don’t they? I hope to see all you guys in at least 1 show of all of these plays!!


Hello world! My first blog!!! Wooohhooooooooooooooooooooooo!! :D

Everyone seems to be blogging these days. I resisted this craze for a while. However, when I thought that it might actually be of help in the future (a lot of people at relevant places ask if you have a blog!! :P) , I decided to start writing..

Don’t expect too much from my blog. I am an Engineer (Electronics and telecommunication) by qualification working in an IT book publishing firm as an Acquisition Editor aspiring to become the next superstar of India! All my posts will be related to one of these so if it doesn’t interest you – Goodluck!! Hope you see me on the big screen some day!! Sayonaara…

For those who are interested in reading this blog – Brace yourselves!!! The worst writer ever is at work!! Hope you get something out of what you will read here…All the best!! 😉

Loads of love.. be good.. See you around!!