Finally!!!! Thespo@Prithvi…

Three years of struggle to break through this and finally…finally I will be performing a THESPO play at Prithvi!!

There is a certain amount of craze involved with performing at Prithvi. Every time I have stepped on the Prithvi theatre stage for a performance, or even for Production work, it has felt like heaven! If you have ever worked inside the Prithvi auditorium in any capacity, you would know what I mean. It truly is a temple for all actors in least for me it is! I can’t forget the days when I was working as production controller for Neeraj Kabi’s Hamlet. I used to be back stage at Prithvi arranging all the props, making sure the actors had their costumes in place, arranging for tea, coffee, water for the cast and crew…. Even then, the Prithvi auditorium was the place to be. Mind blowing stage, awesome ambiance, brilliant acoustics, and the best part is – a person sitting in the first row can actually touch the actor! That’s how close you are to the audience at Prithvi! I remember when I was doing backstage for ‘The Shahenshah of Azeemo’ by Shivani and Sumit (where the hell are you guys?!?!). I used to climb all the way up the lighting ramp and be seated there while the play went on on the stage underneath me. I used to wait behind a black cloth (so that the audience doesn’t notice me) for my cue to press the knob of the snow can at the right time. While doing all of this, I used to dream of the day when I will perform on this stage. This stage that my senior actors respected so much. This stage that was known as the best in the country. This stage that had served as a platform for everyone from Naseeruddin Shah to Konkana Sen Sharma, from Makrand Deshpande to Neeraj Sir who first introduced me to this lovely auditorium!

A couple of years passed by..And then, the day came when I was performing my first show as an actor at Prithvi. ‘Once upon a tiger’ it was! My first play, and also the one closest to my heart! For obvious reasons! I was nervous as hell but I managed somehow. The excitement took over every other feeling, every other emotion! When I was done, I was almost in tears!! I didn’t tell anyone, I don’t even remember the date. However, there is absolutely no doubt that it is one of the most memorable moments of my life! 🙂

After that, I did many shows of Once upon a tiger at Prithvi but I kept struggling hard with Thespo every year because I wanted a chance to perform another play at Prithvi. I kept performing in other plays at other auditoriums but not Prithvi. I thought Thespo was my safest bet. For those who are not aware of what Thespo is, it is an opportunity for people under the age of 25 years to showcase their talent in theatre on the Prithvi stage. Please read my post dated November 1, 2010 ( I have posted about the Thespo screening last year. I was a part of 3 plays that were screened for Thespo but none of them got through to the festival. However, there is something  called as Thespo@Prithvi which gives good plays from the Thespo screening a chance to be staged at Prithvi on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month. We have recently been informed that our play ‘Holi’ (written by Mahesh Eklunchwar, directed by Anuj Rawra) has made it to Thespo@Prithvi for March 2011!!

I have been performing in Thespo screenings for 3 years with the hope that I will get a chance to perform a play at Prithvi again. And here is my chance!! With ‘Holi’, that wish has come true!!

HOLI opens at Prithvi on the 2nd of March 2011 – 6pm and 9pm. Hope to see you there!