When I played Kans during Janmashtami in a village in Uttarakhand…

When you really want to act, opportunity presents itself in one way or another. So when I was far away from Mumbai in the hills of Uttarakhand, some kids were putting together a skit for their annual Janmashtami celebrations. Upon learning about my theatre background, they were kind enough to offer me the role of Kans in their skit. I was stunned at the organized way in which they rehearsed weeks before the performance date, arranged their well-labelled costumes in trunks, got their make-up done… they could put professional theatre artists to shame! I will post my Uttarakhand story  on my travel blog some other day but for now, I would like to share my Kans performance (just because I am missing the kids terribly today! ) While I rate the performance quite low, the experience of playing the villain before 200 villagers who got extremely emotional and engrossed in every scene is unforgettable! You won’t believe how much they cried when Krishna was bidding goodbye to Yashodha to go to Mathura for a duel with Kans. The day and the performance has stayed with me ever since.
Best. Audience. Ever.


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