Leh Ladakh road trip 2016 video – a message of love from Jammu and Kashmir

It is one of the most hyped-up, celebrated, and even feared routes of India. Manali-Leh is on the wishlist of every biker. Having done bike trips to Rajasthan, Karnataka, Goa, Assam, Meghalaya and the interiors of my resident state Maharashtra, my friends kept asking me when I plan to do the mighty Ladakh trip. As tens of my friends posted their own Ladakh pictures on social media, I must confess, I was losing interest in doing it.  Leh Ladakh felt more and more like one of the destinations that are on their way to becoming commercial tourist hot spots with huge crowds during the peak season.  But then I thought that may be we still have a couple of years before it reaches that stage and  a trip during the end of season (September it gets quite cold) could still be worth it. I am so glad that I took that call. Some of my close friends joined in and before we knew it, we were on our bikes riding from Chandigarh to Leh. It was one hell of an adventurous trip which I will soon write about on my travel blog. But what I would like to share here is a video that I made during the trip. While I was riding, my favorite song was playing in my head and I though why not make a little dance video with the people I meet featuring the stunning landscapes of Ladakh. I did not know how it will turn out but I thought “What the hell?!? Let’s try it.” I got back home, watched some Adobe Premier Pro tutorials and edited the video in a couple of hours. The end result is a message of love to my soulmate, wherever she is!

Hope this reaches you 🙂